Friday, February 1, 2008

Request in house: MP Judy Mallaber.

Request in house: MP Judy Mallaber.

A Government official will investigate trailer regulations following the death of Heage toddler Finlay Martin when a trailer became detached from a car last year.
Transport Minister Jim Fitzpatrick will investigate whether new regulations on trailers could stop such tragedies in future.

The move comes after Amber Valley MP Judy Mallaber raised the issue in the House of Commons.

She asked him to investigate the introduction of an annual mandatory test of road worthiness for trailers pulled by road vehicles and compulsory brake systems.

The inquest into Finlay's death found that the trailer was defective and not fitted with a breakaway cable and the brakes were faulty.

The minister said the introduction of MoT-style tests had been looked at before but pledged a further investigation with department officials.

Since the tragic accident Amber Valley Borough Council's ward member for Heage and Ambergate, Cllr Juliette Blake, has set up a online government petition calling for stricter laws on trailers.

The petition has now gathered more than 700 signatures and has also seen her team up with Ren Melancon, who is campaigning for similar laws in the USA. The two have even joined forces to create a website dedicated to their campaigns.

As part of her campaign Cllr Blake submitted a Freedom of Information request to the Department of Transport to find out the number of people killed or seriously injured in road accidents involving a trailer in the UK. The figures revealed that in 2006 52 people were killed and 308 injured in accidents involving trailers.

Judy Mallaber said: "I was pleased at the minister's commitment to me that his officials will examine whether action can be taken to prevent tragedies such as Finlay's death where they result from faulty vehicles."

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